Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things Every Cook Should Have In the Kitchen

Hey friends, so there are so very indispensable, cheap items, that every cook should have lurking about in the kitchen. These are the flavors and savory items that you can use to spice up, mellow out, or livin' up the plainest of fare. Here are a few things that I am almost never ever without in my kitchen, and these are often basic ingredients that I include in my recipes.

Soy Sauce (if you have issues with high blood pressure, grab the low sodium bottle)

Red Onions (my favorite)

Potatoes (Russett or Red)

Garlic/Pepper Paste (with the rooster on it in the asian food aisle in your grocery store)


Fish Sauce

Cilantro (the fresh stuff)

Garlic (never can have enough cloves of garlic)

Olive Oil and/or Canola Oil



Crush Red Pepper

Pasta (I happen to like cappellini but keep a package of the kind of noodles you like about the house)

Brown Jasmine Rice

Brown Rice

White Jasmine Rice (only for those evenings when you want to eat and don't want to wait 45 minutes for brown rice to cook)



Curry Powder

Goya Sazon Packets con Azafran (saffron)

Raw Sugar

Chicken Broth or boullion

If you have these things on hand...a quick trip to the grocery store for some fresh greens or a cheap piece of meat will be all that you need to throw together most recipes you find in this blog.

Stay tuned for your new recipe from the Fairy Chef...it should be up in the next day or so.

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