Sunday, August 2, 2009

Keep Connected! Join The Fairy Chef Facebook Group

If you enjoy the recipes that you find here, and you want to keep up with once a week notification to changes on the blog, upcoming dinner parties---where you can sample the Fairy Chef's fare, or you just want to let the world know you are a groupie of good, healthy, low cost, and delicious food for workin' folks...then click this link and sign up here:

I look forward to providing you with great recipes to feed your mind, body and spirit. I also love getting suggestions for new foods, requests for specific recipes, or feedback on the recipes that I have posted. Please note, I have made and enjoyed all of these dishes right here in my own kitchen, but though I am the Fairy Chef, I am not REALLY a chef...just a queer in the kitchen playin' with everyday products and produce trying to make sure the people I love have good lovin' in their bellies. All that is to say...I am MOST interested in providing great tasting recipes as opposed to doing a Wolfgang Puck type of recipe integrity...take the recipes...make them your own...and if you discover adding a bit of this or taking away a bit of that makes the dish even more delish...please please please make a comment here or send me an email to

You can also follow me on Twitter at

Much love to you all!

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